Self Rescue Solutions is a leading supplier of high-performance


Our vision is to empower people to save lives, theirs and those of their team mates, in life threatening situations.

Our solutions include emergency escape masks, tailored by industry, that provide protection against smoke inhalation, and exposure to toxic liquids, aerosols, harmful gases and chemical spills.

Have a look through our product range or select the industry sector you are from to see which products are most suited.


At Self Rescue Solutions we are proud to provide masks that are...

  • light weight (from 150grams),

  • as small as a cell phone,

  • one sizes fits all, easy to use (simple instruction, no specialty training),

  • pre-assembled and ready to use (no straps or adjustments),

  • easy to slip on in seconds,

  • allows you to communicate,

  • maintenance free,

  • provides protection from toxic gases (A,B,E,K) for up to 30 minutes (multi-layer activated charcoal),

  • durable,

  • fire retardant (resist temperatures up to 200 degrees), and

  • designed with an anti-fog visor.

Our masks protect against...

  • organic gases,

  • inorganic gases,

  • acidic gases,

  • ammonia & amines, and

  • carbon monoxide;


Our masks are used within the following sectors...


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