COGO - Smoke / CO Escape Mask

The COGO is a smoke escape mask designed for both smoke and Carbon Monoxide filtration. It is tested for protection against CO, HCl, HCN and propenal (acrolein), is certified under European Standard EN-403, and bears the European Union Mark. A variant of this mask intended for petrochemical industries, the COGO-S, is designed to provide protection against sulphuric gases, and has been tested against high concentrations of H2S and SO2.



 - Chemical and petrochemical industries
 - Emergency services / first responders
 - Law enforcement agencies
 - High-rise office & residential developments
 - Hospitals
 - Hotels

  • Special Polychloroprene Latex compound  
    Elongation at break >700%
    Tensile strength >150kg/cm2
    Temparature resistant 200C
    Fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701  

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