KIMAX -  Chemical Escape Mask (ABEK2)

KIMAX - Chemical Escape Mask (ABEK2)

KIMAX is designed to provide its users with short-term respiratory protection in incidents involving high concentrations of chemical agents, such as industrial chemical spills. The mask allows users to swiftly evacuate themselves in emergency situations involving hazardous materials.


The KIMAX protects against organic gases with a boiling point higher than 65ºC; several inorganic gases; sulfuric gases and other acidic gases, ammonia and ammonia derivatives. It also protects against such chemicals in particle form. The KIMAX contains EN 13487: 2004 approved A2B2E2K2 gas filters with electrostatic particle filtration P2. The KIMAX’s design is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the following industries:

> Mining, oil & gas

> Chemical & petrochemical

> Transportation

> Defense

  • Special Polychloroprene Latex compound  
    Elongation at break >700%
    Tensile strength >150kg/cm2
    Temparature resistant 200C
    Fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701  

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