MASKITO - Compact Escape Mask

An ultra-compact mask designed for incidents of fire, making it suitable for almost every civilian non-industrial setting. The mask filters out HCl, NO2, C6H12, tear gas (CS), and SO2 (not designed to filter out CO). The MASKITO Mask was tested at the ASSAY TECHNOLOGY labs. The MASKITO is smaller than most modern smartphones and can be carried comfortably in a pants or shirt pocket.



- Private homeowners
- Hotels
- High-rise office & residential developments
- Medical: Hospitals and Nursing homes

- Transportation: ships, cruise liners and aircrafts

  • Special Polychloroprene Latex compound  
    Elongation at break >700%
    Tensile strength >150kg/cm2
    Temparature resistant 200C
    Fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701  

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